Our wines

Our wines

The vinification of all our wines is traditional, it is done in concrete vats coated with food-grade paint. Temperature variations are gentler there than in other types of vats. Since the 2011 harvest we have allowed native yeasts to work, those which are naturally present on the grapes and which will reveal the typicality of our terroir, we no longer work with selected yeasts. Fermentations are carried out by controlling temperatures.

Our wines are aged in our concrete vats for 1 to 2 years for our reds, then in bottles. They are then stored in an exceptional underground vaulted cellar, made up of two bays of Toulouse bricks measuring 40 m by 7 m. They allow bottled wines to be stored in excellent conditions, protected from light and sudden changes in temperature. This cellar allows us to market “high” red wines, ready for consumption!

We limit our inputs to the strict minimum: the addition of sulfur is done sparingly and is each time justified by an analysis, the finings – only when necessary – are made with egg, casein or milk. clay according to the needs of the wine. In order to respect the aromas and structure of our wines, we do not carry out any tartaric stabilization and, in most cases, only do one filtration just before bottling. This explains the presence of a slight deposit at the bottom of certain bottles; it has no impact on the quality of the wine.

Our wines have received numerous medals. Check them all HERE

Red – Château


Red – Prunelart

2017 | 2019

Red – Braucol


Red – Chevalier

2019 | 2020

White – Mauzac Ondenc


Ancestral Method

non vintage

Dry White




Late Harvest

2012 | 2013

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